The Perfect Headshot

Actors, models, and corporate professionals all have one thing in common: their personal brand is best displayed when one neatly and dynamically produced headshot elegantly relays the correct branding message, promotes their character, and stands above all others by delivering a strong connection with the audience.

This is the perfect headshot.

The hardest part for the client is finding the photographer who will deliver professional results on a consistent basis with the style that best suits your brand position. The next part, prepping and dressing, is easy and will ensure the finished photographs are exactly what you ordered and more.

Below, I will go over a few tips I like to give to every one of my clients to guarantee you walk away with a better headshot than you ever expected.

Tip #1 - Hydration is King

No matter the scene, I always suggest hydration first. Hydrate yourself, thoroughly, with water throughout the morning and day of the session, the day and night before, and if you're next level healthy, the entire week before. Your face and your eyes are the two number 1 keys to a successful portrait. An optimal level of H2O will create a fuller face with fewer wrinkles, less eye bags, better skin, and fuller, clearer, brighter eyes. Your body and your mind will thank you for this.

Tip #2 - Meld Professionalism with Comfortability

Find clothes that match my recommendations, but don't sacrifice your comfort in the process. Wear sharp clothes that make you look AND feel your absolute best. You will find you will enjoy the process more if you aren't squirming and grimacing in-between shots. You will also be pleased with the results more if you wear something that you know matches your style and you looks good on you. This headshot is the best representation of you. So simply be you.

Tip #3 - Watch Your Patterns

Simplicity outperforms busyness. We want the focus on your eyes and face, so please keep shirts, blouses, coats, etc. simple. Wear solid colors and nice textures while keeping patterns subtle and busyness to a minimum. If you are an actor/model, please refrain from picking shirts and v-necks with any visible outward logos.

Tip #4 - Know Your Accessories

The same goes for accessories as does the clothing. Simplicity. Earrings and such should remain simplistic and minimal in nature. Tie-clips and watches should be classy but not gaudy.

Tip #5 - Complimentary Colors, Avoid The Reds

I highly recommend matching colors that best compliment your skin tone and your eyes; this is the best place to start when picking suits and etc. Generally, light blues and such work for everyone. Reds, however, do not. Red competes highly with your eyes so stay away from those power ties!

Tip #6 - Smile more

This tip actually refers to the hours and days before I have my camera in hand. Attitude, along with hydration, is often an unpreached element to obtaining The Perfect Headshot. The photographs I take aim to communicate a positive and lasting message to your audiences and that is best accomplished when you are mentally prepared by exuding a confident, charming, gratuitous personality in camera. You will notice a huge difference when you approach the headshot sessions with a positive mental attitude. I understand not everyone thinks they're photogenic or even enjoys being in front of the camera, but the sessions are laid-back and fun. So if you prime your subconscious, your body and face will follow. Smile today, smile tomorrow and I will see you smiling in studio.

Tip #7 - Know Yourself

While you are practicing exerting a huge gracious smile 24/7, might as well look in the mirror and study your positive self. Know if you have a 'favorite side' or if there are any quirks about you that I can work around in session. Feel free to bring up anything to me, I am all ears and know creative ways to make your face look its absolute best in every situation.

What Not To Wear

The Turtleneck. Too Light. Too Bright. Scarfs that hinder the neckline

The Turtleneck. Too Light. Too Bright. Scarfs that hinder the neckline

For Women

  • Different necklines will accentuate the apparent shape of your face differently. Wear shirts/blouses with standard/conservative necklines. Bring various options if you're unsure.

  • Hairstyle down, not pulled back or up

  • Apply make-up as you normally would. Reminder, simplicity is better

  • Be stylish and fashionable, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry


For Men

  • Bring a few tie options. This is one of the easiest changes we can make in your session if we need to add variety.

  • recommend light blue button ups over white. But both work well.

  • Wear tight fitted clothes and have them ironed, pressed, or steamed. Avoid the wrinkles..

  • room your face neatly and as you normally would. Trim beards, cut stubble, shave if you walk around cleanly shaven. We’ll retouch out any nicks or scratches if they happen to occur that morning. We can’t edit out stubble after the fact, so make sure your facial hair looks just right for the session.

  • Accessories to a minimum. Patterns to a subtlety.

Baggy/Wrinkled. Short Sleeve Shirts. Terrible patterns. Distracting Polo

Baggy/Wrinkled. Short Sleeve Shirts. Terrible patterns. Distracting Polo