'Birmingham Street' is an on-going yearly adventure into the great nook little big city of Birmingham, AL. I have spent hours scavenging the streets, alleys, backways, and crevices of Birmingham to help showcase the diverse nature and landscapes throughout this old magical steel town. I have taken many interesting photographs that are yet to be unveiled. I also have much more exploring ahead of me. Upon completion, I plan on introducing this project to the masses by entering many art galleries and shows, some local some far away. I will also have an interactive map made of every photograph and it's corresponding location so that you too can go and explore the city and see the same sights that I have. For all of this to happen, I could always use the support of my community. Support can range from buying prints, telling your friends, or even giving a small donation so that I can continue to bring to you what I love, and hopefully what you enjoy as well. 

If you are interested in helping my creative adventure, you can always donate your hard earned well respected money to me. I will use every penny to advance my art project. Any extremely gratuitous and profound individual that decides to donate any amount will receive a complimentary 5x7 pearl print of any image they see on this website or on my Instagram page. I will also wish you or your dog a happy birthday every year for the next FIVE years - talk about stewardship!

If you would like to hear more or assist me, please let me know you are interested. It brings much joy to talk about 'Birmingham Street'

Dedicated to the emergence of rebelief and the past dereliction that is Birmingham, AL. This series covers an unique perspective on the old and new Iron City. 

‘Birmingham Alleys’ is a visual exploration of the Magic City's charismatic, vast, character rich nuances that accumulate throughout Birmingham, Alabama. Every corner of Birmingham has a different story to tell. This series is the photographic narrative to help showcase every important less traveled, delicately gridded out nooks and give each part of Birmingham a pedestal to showcase her ever-changing story.

“You miss every shot you don’t take” - Wayne Gretzky”
— Michael Scott