Short from: I wrestle with every image I take. If the only thing you knew about me was I approach every photo as an opportunity for perfection. Then I would say you know me very, very well. My camera is only a tool from which I able to serve and not my why. My truest form of daily motivation is creating connections that empower, energize, and influence others. I am also very passionate about pork chops and The Price Is Right. Seriously, have you ever seen someone not smile while watching Price Is Right - nope, that's just my philosophy. 


1143 16th Ave S. Birmingham, AL 35205


University of Alabama at Birmingham - Various Departments,
     Organizations, Divisions, Campaigns and Events
Society of Clinical Surgery
O'Neil Wealth Management Group - Merrill Lynch
Redknot Resources
Bailey Law Firm
Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama
Mortgage Banc
Boyd Davis Law
UAB Medicine Magazine

Exceptionally spontaneous, a Timon and Pumba-esq overt optimism, a creative practicality and rationality, a tinkerer and technical master, I am finding more and more my core ISTP personality traits have molded this serendipitous journey of life and professionalism into a thing they like to call a purposeful career. Beyond satisfying my own inert creative novelties, I, more so, enjoy understanding the strengths of others within their own individuality. I like to know what makes you tick, what gets you up in the morning or what keeps you going when the cheerios didn't taste right that day. I am a true relator ( not realtor, although my dynamic headshots do look great on a billboard). I am a major fan of psychology and like to understand the conscious actions as well as the subconscious that influences us all. As much as we are different we are still all the same, and vice versa. We are all connected in this large intriguing web of complexity - and that fascinates me.

And within this web of psychology, influence, and spirited creativeness, I, at an early age, felt very drawn to the idea of branding - the life and influence of marketing. Branding, design, social levels of connection and advertisement, etc. etc. are all deeply engrained into every aspect of our daily lives. And my wantingness to know and ultimately influence people for the better multiplied by a few life events and major pivots drove me to commercial photography (Read my blog for the full Life of Why story). 

I understand your brand is important. More importantly, I understand your brand needs to showcase a very specific level of perceived value. The more value you create, the better you serve your customers. This is where I come in. Every marketing concept needs to tell a clear and concise story and have strong complimenting imagery. I listen intently, use my strengths and abilities to creative practical solution driven imagery that shows your value in the best possible manner. My photographic style lends itself to deliver clean and powerful photos with the hopes of boosting positive brand reinforcement, while telling your story, and ultimately influencing perception in an impactful, value-driven manner. 


If your company brand or even personal persona needs a revisiting, or a fresh new beginning, or an have an idea worth spreading CONTACT ME immediately. We can have a nice chat about your needs and how I might can be the one to help you. I am looking forward to your phone call, email, or even smoke signal (disclaimer: I live around dreamland bbq so said smoke signal may be interpreted as rack of rib time). If you're still in the research phase, FOLLOW my social media accounts so you can keep up with my latest and greatest. Occasionally, I'm funnier than not. So a good laugh is always worth checking out.  :) 

My Likes: Avocado. Avocado on Pizza. Traveling to new unfamiliar places, and then ultimately leaving with a portfolio of new artistic work. The Price Is Right is my favorite show ever- I will be a contestant one day; it's my life goal... seriously. When I edit, I really jam out to a plethora of electronic alt jams with the fluffiest of beats (read: flume, kygo, disclosure, tove lo). I enjoy taking story driven and hopefully hilarious snapchats. I've been told I have the funniest snaps on this planet - Thanks Mom. You'll probably see me with a 3 day beard. I was told I look good with that. Again, Thanks Mom!


And that's me in a peanut shell. I look forward to getting to know more about you and your needs! Chat with you soon...